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  • rihanagorge

    Mere bhai ne Dr. Mayank Singh se hair transplant karwaya hai, or oh bahot kush hai uske bal fir se aagae. Dr.Mayank Singh bahot achhe surgeon hai.

    on November 22, 2017   |   Reply
  • Junaidasgarh

    Radiance Cosmedic Centrre is the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. Dr.Mayank Singh is the best hair transplant surgeon, I recommend him.

    on October 22, 2017   |   Reply
  • Nuriparween

    Really Dr. Mayank Singh is the excellent hair transplant surgeon and Gynecologist in Delhi.

    on September 22, 2017   |   Reply
  • Sonam

    Dr. Mayank Singh bahot hi achhe hair surgeon hai unhone mere dost ke bhai ka hair transplant bahot hi achhe se kiya hai 3 month bad hi uske new hair aa gae oh bahot hi khush hai.

    on August 22, 2017   |   Reply
  • kalish

    I like Dr. Mayank Singh because he is a nice surgeon for hair transplant.

    on July 22, 2017   |   Reply
  • Johnkalish

    Radiance Cosmedic Centre is excellent for hair transplant surgery, And Dr. Mayank Singh is the genius for cosmetic surgery and hair transplant.

    on March 22, 2017   |   Reply
  • Sahil

    Dr. Mayank is experienced hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, he did outstanding work for my cousin brother hair surgery…

    I highly recommend radiance cosmedic centre!!

    on March 4, 2017   |   Reply
  • Guru

    Radiance Cosmedic Centre is excellent.

    on February 14, 2017   |   Reply
  • Rinky

    Dr. Mayank Singh is the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi..

    I highly recommend him…

    on February 6, 2017   |   Reply
  • Somit

    Hair transplant must be performed by a plastic surgeon and the best one in Delhi is Dr. Mayank Singh.

    on January 20, 2017   |   Reply
  • riyasareen

    I had a type 4 hair loss and everywhere I went I was told I would need multiple sitting but when I went to Radiance Cosmedic center and met with Dr. Mayank Singh he was able to give me full coverage in just one sitting since he is an expert in FUE and FUT. Just six months later I had excellent growth and now I am getting married. I am so happy.

    on January 16, 2017   |   Reply